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Our fully scalable docker environment is the perfect solution for agile development and easy-to use application deployment. We offer a usage-based billing system. You only pay what you really use and your container environment scales with your projects. If you need more power - you can book up to 10 power units called "kubes" which can be bundled. Each kube is the equivalent of CPU-Power and 512MB RAM. You can deploy an unlimited amount of containers within your kubes.

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Manage your docker containers with our easy to use control-panel. You will be surprised how easy it is to integrate our system in your workflow.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep your docker containers always in view.

Our out of the box real-time monitoring is always keeping an eye on your containers. Every process will be recorded and stored.

We offer beautiful statistics to provide an unparalleled level of insight into the ressource-usage of your containers.

Persistent Storage

Reach an unprecedented level of flexibility with persistent storage.

You can mount an additional storage to the file-system of your containers. Each application has full read/write access to the mounted file-system.

With persistent storage you are able to keep the stored datas even if you delete the connected container.

Developer friendly

It's so easy for you to integrate us in your workflow.

We support all frameworks and technologies. Just deploy your containerized application and scale it with your business.

Use the powerful docker-hub to pull the right application or create a private-repository and mount it to our environment.

Command Line Interface

We offer a powerful command line interface for those who don't need a graphical overview. You can directly manage your containers by using your terminal.

You docker containers in a save haven!

Based on many years of experiences in webhosting-services, we are able to provide an all-round carefree package to our customers.

Short Description of the Cli Interface

Take advantage of our redundant load-balanced infrastructure which is hosted in a reliable high quality datacenter in frankfurt am main, germany. Our customer-service is available 24/7 to assist you if you face any problems.

You will benefit from our powerful server infrastructure, the latest server hardware and the highest level of quality. All systems are fully protected against ddos-attacks by hardware-appliances from a leading company in ddos-mitigation solutions: Arbor Networks. To protect our environment we purchase electricity 100% generated from renewable resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question which is not answered in our FAQ? Our support-team will assist you further. Please keep in touch with us!


Do you offer free trials?

Yes! You can contact us for a free test. Please write to: [email protected]


How are renewals managed?

You will get every day/month an invoice depending on your usage. The amount will be directly debited from your funds held in your account. You can easily topup funds by using paypal, bitcoin, paysafecard, sofort or wire-transfer. The minimum topup amount is 10€.


Do I need to cancel any contract until I'm ready with usage?

No! Due to our usage-based billing, you don't need to cancel any contracts with us.


Can I use private repositories?

Yes, of course. You can use your own repositories to pull docker images.


Can I access my containers over ssh?

Yes! We offer the ability to generate a ssh-key-pair for each of your docker-containers within our control-panel. Equipped with the key-pair you will be able to use a ssh-terminal of your choice to establish a connection to your containers.

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